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CAS No.  112-69-6
Properties and usage:

Hexadecyl dimethylamine(DMA16) is the main raw material for the production of cationic quaternary ammonium salt. It can be reacted with benzyl chloride to produce benzyl quaternary ammonium salt 1627. It is widely used in fungicides and textile leveling agents industry;
Hexadecyl dimethylamine(DMA16) can react with quaternary ammonium materials such as methyl chloride, dimethyl sulfate, and diethyl sulfate to form cationic quaternary ammonium salts, which are widely used in daily chemicals, oil fields and other industries.
Hexadecyl dimethylamine(DMA16) can also be reacted with sodium chloroacetate to produce amphoteric surfactant betaine;
Hexadecyl dimethylamine(DMA16) reacts with hydrogen peroxide to produce amine oxide as a foaming agent;




Tertiary amine content /%


Tertiary amine value mgKOH/g


Primary secondary amine /%


Carbon chain C16 /%


Color APHA


Package and Storage:

Hexadecyl dimethylamine(DMA16) is packed in 160 kg, 800 kg/barrel; stored indoors in a cool and ventilated place, protected from moisture and exposure to the sun. The storage period is 12 months.

Safety Protection:

Hexadecyl dimethylamine(DMA16) is a chemical synthesis intermediate material. Please avoid contact with eyes and skin during use. If there is contact, please rinse with plenty of water in time and send it to a doctor for treatment. 


N,N-Dimethylhexadecylamine, Dimethylpalmitylamine, N,N-Dimethylhexadecylamine, Dimethylmyristylamine

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